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We combine machine-learning, billions of datapoints and real-time consumer interaction to serve personalized ads that help marketers excel at customer acquisition.

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Automated Optimization

Proprietary algorithms test multiple variables in milliseconds so campaigns spend less time matching the right message with the right audience

Global Reach

Hundreds of direct and network partners to achieve campaign goals in virtually any region of the world

AI-Driven Targeting

Software that constantly learns who, where and when customers convert


Industry Leading Fraud Prevention

Internal systems and stress-tested tools to provide assurance and transparency

Direct/Owned & Operated Audiences

Not just networks, but specialized properties with first-party insights and control

Personal Service

Yes, we love our machines – but there is always a person you can call, too.

Making the Right Connection

Pretio’s real-time analysis of dozens of key demographic and behavioural attributes automates media-buying decisions to maximize ROI and provide complete transparency to advertisers.

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Browse through Pretio’s downloadable eBooks, case studies, and infographics to gain mobile advertising insights.

Guide to Reaching Consumers When They're Most Engaged

Discover the importance of Achievement Moments in apps and games.

Gain key lead generation and conversion tips.

Understand how brand loyalty is built.

Learn when and how mobile users are most likely to convert.

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Digital Marketing Crash Course: Grow Customers Through Digital Ads

Your goal: Delight consumers and acquire new customers. 

The winning tactic: Creative and effective ad positioning.

Here’s your guide to ramping up customer acquisition and building your brand legacy.

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The Moments Based Monetization Playbook

Your mission: Level up your ad revenue and maintain a positive user experience.

The winning tactic: A rewarding ad experience.

In this guide, you’ll learn the latest tips, tricks, and best practices to help you develop a winning app monetization strategy with Moments-Based Ads. 

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Who We Work With

“Pretio is one of our highest ranked partners. They deliver high volume, great quality traffic for our top campaigns. They keep our clients happy by reaching all the KPIs, and our account managers maintain amazing communication, even outside of work hours. We love doing business with them!”

Steph Unger

Blind Ferret

“Pretio is an amazing business partner and collaborator. They seem to know exactly how much communication, oversight and collaboration is needed to get the job done right. Our team at Crowd Content loves working with them and looks forward to a long partnership.”

Clayton Lainsbury

Crowd Content Media

"Adperio has been working with Pretio for over 3 years. Their team is professional and incredible to work with. We look forward to growing our partnership in the years to come!"

Heather Stauffer