Pretio Interactive

We are part of the next generation of digital advertising.

We believe no good moment should go unrewarded. Unfortunately, too many do. In apps and games. In loyalty programs. On mobile, desktop and tablet. Hundreds of millions of achievements and activities where people expect to be recognized go unfulfilled. We set out to change that.

How? By aggregating engagement programs and reward networks together with our technology, Pretio is able to bring placement power to brands who want to reach those hard-to-get consumers. Where they want to be reached. Not with ads. With rewards.

Pretio is an "adtech" company. Sometimes more tech than ad. Sometimes more ad than tech. We serve both publishers and their networks, plus brands and their agencies, with a deep commitment to results. Our core values are pretty simple: Always ask why. Be honest and direct. Get it done.

We are a growing company based in Victoria, BC, one of Canada’s rising tech hubs. We are backed by two of Canada's most successful venture firms, plus a handful of local angels. Our team is always on the move, constantly delivering for our clients and always ready to learn how to be better at what we do. Here are a few of us. We'd love to hear from you.

Jim Hayhurst - CEO

Jim’s experience as a startup founder, investor and advisor spans more than 20 years. He is drawn to opportunities where smart people and unique technologies to liberate untapped value. At Pretio, he is responsible to his team, partners and investors to drive the vision, values and culture of the organization. When he gets it right, the company succeeds - and he gets to go home to his incredible wife and children with a big smile.

Tyrone Sinclair - COO/Founder

As Pretio’s founder, Ty has packed a lifetime of entrepreneurial drive and success into a relatively short career. His vision of a world where advertising is always relevant drives him to create the relationships, technology features and business fundamentals that are the basis of Pretio’s success. Away from Pretio, Ty is fascinated by real estate, currencies and how his house always seems to have a project waiting for him on the weekend.

Rob O'Dwyer - CTO

Rob has worked on software projects in everything from web and mobile apps to biomedical devices and computer graphics. At Pretio, he leads the development team and manages integrations with partner services and apps. Rob enjoys long distance running, rock climbing, and building electronic gadgets.

Vivienne Damatan - VP of People and Operations

Greg Gilks - Director, Media and Distribution

Greg brings a history of success in media buying and performance marketing to Pretio. He is adept at finessing, fine tuning and finagling to ensure our media performs like it should. Greg is dedicated to expanding Pretio's reach and keeping our performance optimal. When not optimizing, Greg spends his time gaming and thinking about optimizing.

Graeme Gass - Director of Finance

Graeme has worked for both accounting firms and private companies in Victoria. His passion for helping business thrive in unique environments led him to joining Pretio Interactive. Graeme is dedicated to helping Pretio grow into an international player in the online community. When Graeme is not balancing numbers and budgets you can find him out walking/running with his dog and attending kickboxing classes.

Dan Barton - Director of Video

Dan loves problem-solving, marketing, analytics, lego, craft beer and long runs. In a previous life he founded a real estate investment business. Dan earned his BCOM from Royal Roads University in 2015 with a focus on management consulting. Dan can also be found adventuring with his wife, Sharon, two daughters, Amelia & Audrey, and their dachshund, Eddie.

Carson Book - Director of Programmatic Product

Carl Stubens - Software Developer

Carl has diverse software development experience building web apps, APIs, and electronic devices. He works on the infrastructure that connects us to our clients and manages our data, so we can integrate new clients quickly and get more rewards online. When he isn't building software, Carl loves exploring the mountains, caves, and shoreline of the west coast.

Alyssa Hansen - Manager, Business Development

Alyssa is the gatekeeper for Pretio’s brand partners. Her expertise in effective communication and strategic ad placement ensures that Pretio is exceeding advertiser expectations. When not glued to her mailbox, Alyssa can be found volunteering at local music festivals or taking a nap and dreaming of her next journey abroad. Let's chat about your customer acquisition goals!

Nathan Lambert - Lead Front-End Developer

Nathan is passionate about great design and proper software development. His attention to detail, learning mindset and collaborative nature has helped build a Pretio tech stack that works as well for the team internally as it does for the company’s many external partners. He loves guitar, running, soccer, paddling and mentoring at local tech events.

Sammy Lirette-Cowen - Manager, Media and Distribution

Sammy has been in performance marketing since the beginning of his professional career. At Pretio he manages and distributes: traffic, leads and offers. He leverages his industry contacts to bring scale and profitability to advertisers and clients. Outside of Pretio he enjoys powerlifting, synthwave, melodic-metal, documentaries and cyberpunk culture.

Grant Spychka - Manager, Media & Distribution - Video

Grant brings over 5 years of account management experience to Pretio, primarily in the digital advertising world. As a Client Success Manager, he builds and maintains relationships with agencies and mobile display traffic partners, making him a key contributor to Pretio's growth. Think your campaign is a top performer? Send it to Grant to find out!

James Stephaniuk - Software Developer

Always up for the challenge to learn something new, James will dive into any project sent his way with enthusiasm. When not in front of a computer James enjoys woodworking, DIY projects, and going on adventures around Vancouver Island with is wife and daughter.

Gyanesh Mishra - Software Developer

Gyanesh has an inexhaustible curiosity for technology and a passion for coding. At Pretio, he's the mobile specialist for Android and iOS and helps different brands and publishers with integration. Outside of Pretio, you can usually find him playing video games, volunteering with local causes or soaking in the fresh air at Victoria’s Breakwater Point.

Cam Williams - Manager, Video Ad-ops

Cecia Poders - Junior Developer

Alex Thain - Manager, Video Strategy

Gary Escudero - Software Developer

Janele Halpenny - Manager, Business Development

Jon Belliveau - Manager, Media Strategy

Lance Ayer - Manager, Ad Operations

Geoff Irwin - Business Development Manager - Video

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