April 12 marks the long awaited return of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Once again the great houses of the Seven Kingdoms will battle it out for the seat on the Iron Throne.

In the mobile advertising realm, a similar war is been waged, as the top networks fight it out for the admiration of developers and advertisers alike.

When you play the game of impressions, you win or you die. Where does your favorite network stand?

Disclaimer: Any reference to beheading, betrayal, incest or wimpery is not a direct reflection of my views of these networks. Sorry if you are unhappy with your chosen household, but I’m sure Theon Greyjoy wasn’t stoked either.


House Targaryen

Maria Alegre of Chartboost– the first of her name, Breaker of Charts and Mother of Dragon Games


Chartboost is isolated from the rest of the mobile kingdoms as they focus on mobile games only. Just as Dany nurtures her dragons, Chartboost nurtures its family of game developers with analytics and a direct deal marketplace. Dracarus.


House Stark

Kiip- Rewards are Coming


Rewards really are the honorable type of in-app ads as they are beneficial to all parties involved; advertisers, developers, and users. Kiip has demonstrated that rewards could hold a place on the throne through strategic placement in battle. But if you get a wedding invitation… run.



House Lannister

Tapjoy– Everyone Pays their Debts


The Lannisters always pays their debts, TapJoy believes that every user can pay. Basically the same thing. TapJoy is also able to keep things in the family as they have a full set of tools that allows developers to segment users, acquire them, and then find a way to squeeze money from each group of users.


House Tyrell

MediaBrix– Growing Strong Apps


Lady Olenna understands that timing is everything, a time to marry her granddaughter to a Baratheon (and two others), a time for poison, and a time for poisonous words. This strategic timing has been very effective in the family’s climb up the Iron ladder. MediaBrix also understands the importance of timing. Their break-through moments (BTM) approach to advertising. Just don’t accept any jewelry from them (kidding).


House Baratheon

AppLift– Our Marketing is the Fury


The Baratheons are fierce warriors by nature, yet understand the importance of seeking counsel. Stannis has the Red Women, Robert had Jon Arryn, and Renley- well he didn’t last long. A “full stack” force in the mobile battle, AppLift also provides counsel for its developers with one of the best blogs in the industry.



House Martell

InMobi– Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.. so far


There has been much speculation as to whether or not InMobi has been acquired by Google, and so far they have denied kneeling to the throne. Regardless, InMobi is much like the Kingdom of Sunspear- exotic and dangerous. InMobi has a variety of killer services, making it a force to be reckoned with- as long as they stay away from Mountains.


House Arryn

Admob– As High as Google


Admob sits high on their house throne protected by Google. The Arryn’s have been very successful due to their intelligence and ability to choose their alliances wisely. Just as Admob helps developers target the right audience through the power of Google’s search engine. Sign up and watch your apps fly!


The Free Folk

Tapdaq– Indie’s Kneel to No One

Free Folk

The Wildlings refuse to abide by the laws of the Seven Kingdoms and have survived the harsh winter conditions (blizzards, lack of food, White Walkers) by creating supportive communities. Tapdaq is helping its own army of Wildling indie devs grow through a marketplace that allows them to trade installs.


The Iron Bank

Pollen VC– Faster Payments


Always there to provide golden dragons for the crown so they can hold their place on the throne, Pollen VC is there to provide developers their revenue so they can hold their spot on the app charts.



The War is far from over. Whose banners will you follow? Pledge your allegiance on Twitter using #MobileThrones, for dragons fly and winter is upon us.